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Welcome to Connor Advocacy and Consulting

Advocating for and Supporting Your Child's Needs

Our Services

At Connor Advocacy and Consulting, we provide advocacy and consultation related to 504 plans and Individualized Education Plans (IEP). Our goal is to ensure that your child receives the best possible education and support across all settings.

Educational Advocacy

Nicole is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with years of experience in creating and implementing effective IEPs. She works closely with parents, teachers, and therapists to ensure that each child's unique needs are met.

We are pleased to provide a resource library, free of charge. Resources are available for both for parents navigating the special education process and individuals pursuing certification as BCBAs. This is updated regularly, so make sure to check back!

In addition to IEP and advocacy services, Nicole also offers supervision and support for individuals working towards becoming Behavior Analysts. Nicole can also serve as a Consultative Supervisor for newer BCBAs.

About Us

Nicole founded Connor Advocacy and Consulting to help families get the services they need.

Nicole Connor Moore has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst since 2016. She is a Licensed Behavior Analyst in Maryland and Virginia. Nicole has worked across multiple settings, and has spent much of her career specializing in the assessment and treatment of challenging behavior.

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